Our mission is to define the future of AI experiences.

Areas of Interest

We leverage Taiwan’s comprehensive medical data and work with doctors and top scientists to solve complex human health problems.

We collaborate with local and central governments to bring machine intelligence to city aspects including environment and transportation.

We’re exploring new user experiences for the age of AI. We work on social natural conversations, Image recognition, text and AI music.


Ethan Tu

Former principal development manager at US-based tech giant Microsoft Corp, Ethan is well-known as the founder of PTT, which has grown into one of Taiwan’s most influential online forums since its launch in 1995.


Alphabetical order by first name

Human Interaction

李宏毅 Hung-Yi Lee

陳縕儂 Yun-Nung Chen

楊奕軒 Yi-Hsuan Yang

Health Care

陳倩瑜 Chien-Yu Chen

阮雪芬 Hsueh-Fen Juan

蔡懷寬 Huai-Kuang Ysai

劉庭祿 Tyng-Luh Liu

Smart City

莊永裕 Yung-Yu Chuang

Recent Blogs

Enhance MIDI Generation with Harmonic and Rhythmic Features

Music generation at Taiwan AI Labs is based on the generation of note sequences. This approach preserves most details of a piece of music, but to the human ear, music is not only a set of notes, but the patterns that are formed by them. This…

Investigating the Impact of Facebook Polarization on the 2021 Taiwanese Referendum

Taiwan has four important upcoming referendums on December 18, 2021. “Pork Imports”, “Referendum Dates”, “Nuclear Plant”, “Algae Reef Protection.” According to previous research, disinformation and manipulation of the media could…

Exploring Atypical Online Coincidental Behavior on PTT

This study focuses on atypical coincidental behavior on the Taiwan social media, PTT1, to discover attempts to manipulate public opinion during the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Taiwan from May through August 2021.

The Challenge of Speaker Diarization

Introduction Speaker Diarization is the task to partition audio recordings into segments corresponding to the identity of the speaker. In short, a task to identify “who spoke when”. Speaker diarization can be used to analyze audio data…

Lyrics-free Singing Voice Generation

The conventional approach to generate singing voices is through singing voice synthesis (SVS) techniques. A human user feeds lyrics and MIDI scores (a sequence of notes) to a well-trained SVS model, and the model generates audio recordings following…
Architecture of MuseMorphose

MuseMorphose: Music Style Transfer with A Transformer VAE

At Taiwan AI Labs, we are constantly pushing the frontier of deep music generation models. In the past year, we have rolled out Guitar Transformer (blog), which can compose human-readable guitar tabs with plausible fingerings, and Compound…

It is Enough to Take Only One Image: Re-exposure Images by Reconstructing Radiance Maps

Fig. 1 (Left) original image (Middle) result image of adjusting the brightness directly (Right) result image of adjusting the exposure on our reconstructed radiance map. Nowadays, more and more people like to take pictures with smartphones…

360° Depth Estimation

360° videos provide an immersive environment for people to engage, and Taiwan Traveler is a smart online tourism platform that utilizes 360° panoramic views to realize virtual sightseeing experiences. To immerse users in the virtual world,…

The Magic to Disappear Cameraman: Removing Object from 8K 360° Videos

360° video, also known as immersive video, has been increasingly popular and drawn great attention nowadays since it unlocks unlimited possibilities for content creators and encourages viewer engagement. One representative application which…

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